An update on our Facebook integration


As of September 10th, our Facebook integration is working again.

As part of Facebook's updated agreement, we no longer offer the ability to post on individual users' profiles (previously known as walls). When linking your SnappyTV user account to Facebook, you will see a list of available Pages. You can link to as many Pages as needed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The SnappyTV Team @Twitter


Since the concerns around Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data, teams at Facebook have been auditing all third-party apps that interact with their platform. As part of their audit, they are requiring existing developers to submit new applications in order to use their API.

On August 1, Facebook revoked our access to their API, and we have since re-applied for the program. Talks between Twitter and Facebook teams are still ongoing, so there is no current estimate as to when posting to Facebook will work again.

We understand this has interfered with your SnappyTV sharing workflows, and for that we apologize. We will share more information as we get it from Facebook.

Thank you,
The SnappyTV Team @Twitter


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