November 16 - Update on Uploaded Content

SnappyTV had an incident today (Nov 2nd 2016) that affected previously uploaded media. The team has applied mitigation changes to minimize the impact of this incident, but unfortunately, these files aren't recoverable and the resolution for your team would be to re-upload the missing videos. Any videos uploaded from now on will not be affected.

This incident did not affect any types of media created via our LiveCut Editor.

In order to reduce the amount of errors users may experience during sharing, we have removed all Slates that may have been in use within an account's Branding settings. If you find that your slates are no longer visible within those settings, please upload a new slate video (or two, if you have one for Intro and End).

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us by creating a support ticket. This can be done via the Help menu at the top-right of SnappyTV when a user is logged-in.

We take this very seriously, are conducting a full investigation into the incident, and will be using the conclusions to institute safeguards preventing this from happening again in the future.


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