Maximizing Character counts on Tweet Text, Titles and Description

In the world of #hashtags, @mentions and emojis, characters counts are at a premium. Take full advantage of multiple areas to enhance the text around your video tweets.

Tweet Text - 140 Characters

Tweet Text is what you are probably most familiar with in your tweets. When sharing videos from SnappyTV the Clip Title is used as the default Tweet Text. But you can edit the Tweet Text to be any text you'd like. Compose the Tweet Text with the objective of the tweet (what you are trying to tell your viewers) as the focus of the text. Use #hashtags, @mentions and URL links in the Tweet Text as they are clickable here. The Clip Title and Description are used to enhance the information on the tweet and provide more context to the video. Also, Twitter no longer counts hashtags, the first @mention or the URL for sharing videos as part of the Tweet Text!

Clip Title - 70 Characters

The Clip Title is a short description of the video clip. It is displayed just below the video player. The title should be used as a brief introduction to entice viewers to engage with the video, either pausing to view the clip, or engaging with the tweet and reading the Clip Description. Avoid using #hashtags, URL links or @mentions in the title, use the Tweet Text for clickable links and the description text for longer texts. The Clip Title should focus on what is in the video, not the main theme of your tweet. Let your Tweet Text relay the theme of the tweet.

Clip Description - 200 Characters

The Clip Description displays just below the video Clip Title. It's a great way to provide more context or description around the video clip itself. Allow the Tweet Text to relay the theme of the text, the Clip Title can be used as a "teaser" as to the actual context of the video. And the Clip Description lays out the "story" of the video clip. Since the Clip Title and Clip Description are displayed one below the other, its a very easy transition for viewers to read from the Clip Title to the Clip Description. Avoid using URL links, @mentions or #hashtags in the description, as those are only clickable in the Tweet Text.


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