How do I add a Intro slate or End slate to my video?

SnappyTV has released a new feature that allows Partners to place an identifying video slate at the front-end or backend of video clips. This slate can be used to identify the content owner or the rights holder for the content, for example, you can add a logo to the beginning of your video or tune-in information at the end to provide a call-to-action for viewers.


How it works.

  • A video Intro and/or End slate is uploaded into a “Branding” configuration
  • A Video clip is created and assigned the Branding with the Slate
  • The video is posted to Twitter and then other social media sites
  • When the Tweet is viewed in Twitter the video begins to autoplay
  • The Intro slate plays then the video content then a End slate (where used)
  • If the tweet is part of an Amplify campaign, the slate will appear after the pre-roll that is uploaded to the Ads Dashboard 



Slates should be 10 seconds or less. 3-5 seconds is an ideal length based on our experience

SnappyTV currently supports and recommends the following video file formats when uploading content to our platform:

mp4, avi, mpeg, wmv, mov, ogv, mkv, m4v, webm.

When possible, SnappyTV also recommends using H.264 video with AAC audio in your video files.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1- Create a Branding Profile


Step 2 - Scroll to the Intro Slate and End Slate section of the form

Step 3 - Choose an existing uploaded asset (video clip) or upload a new asset


Step 4 - Save the new Branding


Step 5 - Set the Branding configuration to a Publish Setting, Event OverRide, or on the clip in LiveCut Editor


Step 6 - Tweet the clip that has the Branding associated and Slates will play.



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