How do I associate Sponsorships with SnappyTV?

**Note: If you are adding Sponsorships for the first time, please reach out to Support to enable permissions by filing a help ticket using the *Support* link in the upper right corner of that platform (or clicking here)

This article is designed to help you at the point that you have a Twitter Sponsorships Program that you'll be publishing into via SnappyTV. Please contact your Partner Manager if you are not yet at this stage. 

Sponsorship programs are tied to Tweets using Branding profiles. Before you can publish a Tweet into said program, you'll need to set up a Branding profile. You can do this from the 'Branding' section in LiveHub. (Please follow this guide if you're doing this for the first time).

1) Login to SnappyTV.

You will need to log in with an account that has the Twitter handle associated with your Amplify campaign connected. If that Twitter account is not connected, you'll need to add it to the My Settings page

2) Go to the Branding profile that you would like to use within the Branding section and click on the 'Details' button:

3) Click on the 'Edit' button, top right:


4) In the Twitter Settings area, there is a box allowing you to “Choose an Amplify program for this branding.” Choose this option.


5) The 'Twitter Site Username' field turns into a dropdown where you should pick the Twitter handle associated with this campaign.

* If you do not see a drop down menu at this stage, please ensure you have the correct Twitter account connected to your SnappyTV account. *

6) After you select the handle, please go ahead and select the campaign for the drop-down that appears. 

7) *(Optional step)* Then, set the time (days/minutes) to which you'd prefer this branding in the amplify program to expire.


8) Once all the required information is filled out, save changes.

9) Your Sponsorships program is now connected to the Branding profile. Remember to select this Branding on your clips before Tweeting out.



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