How do I link my SnappyTV Account to my Vine account?

Start by connecting your Vine account to your Twitter handle. In the Vine mobile app, navigate to your profile and click the Settings button. Scroll down this page, and you’ll see an area labeled Social Networks, with Twitter as one of the options. Tap there, and follow the steps to connect the accounts.

Now that you’ve linked your Vine account and Twitter handle, it’s time to
connect those to your SnappyTV user. After logging in to SnappyTV, head to
the My Settings tab on the left side of the screen, then on to the SocialSettings sub-tab.
Next, click the Connect to Twitter button and go through the flow to link your
SnappyTV user to your Twitter handle (note: this should be the same handle
connected to your Vine account).
After you’ve completed this step, Vine should now display as an option below
the Twitter section. Find your handle, and hit the Connect link. The page will
update, and you’ll see your Vine account connected.


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