How would I go about troubleshooting a Channel if I have issues in LiveCut?

If you do not see video in your LiveCut Editor session you can take steps to quickly resolve your video ingest issue.


1. Click the "Stream Issues?" help button in the top menu toolbar, just above the video player.


2. You will be redirected to a new tab with the Channel Stream Checking Tool. To start the diagnosis click the Start Source Stream Test button. This will help you to see if your source video is making it into the SnappyTV Cloud DVR. 

3. If you DO see video in the test player click the "Continue to the Next Step" button to test if the Cloud DVR is recording video. If there is NO video skip to "Other Issues/Contact Support".


4.  To check video in the LiveCut Stream click the "Start LiveCut Stream Test" button. If there is NO video click the button to continue to the next step, "Other Issues/Contact Support".

5. If you did NOT see video in either the Source Stream or the LiveCut Stream you can contact Support for additional Assistance.

- Click the appropriate answers to the questions if video was working for either the Stream Source or LiveCut Stream

- Add additional emails for other people you want to receive a copy of the request for support email

- Add any additional information about the video stream issue, or trouble shooting you have attempted

- Click the Submit button and an auto-generated email will be sent to the SnappyTV On Call Support Representative for immediate investigation. Your Event and Channel details, as well as other supportive information, is automatically included in the email to support.




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