How can I notify people via email when we share media from SnappyTV?

SnappyTV Notifications are an easy-to-use feature allowing you to alert selected groups of individuals each time new content has been shared to Twitter. Posting a new Tweet triggers an email notification to the listed members of your Notification Group, making it faster and simpler to Amplify content, promote real-time distribution, and deliver video to as large an audience as possible. 


Creating SnappyTV Notifications

Start by logging in to and heading to the LiveHub. In the left-hand navigation, locate the tab labeled Notifications and click to jump to that section. 


At the top of the page, there should be a blue button labeled Add Notification Group. Click this button to open the setup form. 


Give the new Notification group a name, then enter email addresses for the individuals you'd like to alert when new content is shared on Twitter. Just hit the spacebar between each email to move on to the next and hit the Submit button when finished. 



Assigning the Notification Group to a Branding Profile

Once the contact list for your new Notification Group is set, you'll want assign it to the associated Branding Profile inside the SnappyTV LiveHub. Find the tab labeled Branding in the left-hand navigation and click to head to that area. 


If the Branding profile has already been created, you can find it in the "Active" or "Inactive" list on the page. If you're looking to build a new Branding profile from scratch, check out our how-to article to learn more about this feature. 


Hit the Details link for the Branding profile, then hit the blue Edit button near the top of the page to open the form.  Scroll down to the section of the form labeled Notification Groups. Find the group you'd like to assign to that Branding profile using the drop-down menu, then hit the green Submit button to save. 


Time to Start Sharing!

With the Notification Group now in place, any new Tweets shared with the associated Branding Profile will send a notification email containing a link to the content on Twitter. It'll look something like this.


Users can then retweet, favorite, and apply promotional spend to the content. Now, get out there and get sharing!


SnappyTV Support 

Have questions about using Notifications or running into issues during setup? Feel free to reach out to the SnappyTV support team using


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