How do I add a "Call To Action" to my videos?

New Call To Action Options in the Twitter Video Player
Videos that are using the native Twitter Video player now have the ability to include a customizable call to action that appears alongside the video.  Customizable call to actions are specified in SnappyTV branding and include Watch Now, Learn More, and 
Download App. 
To Add a Call To Action
1. In your LiveHub Portal click the navigation for "Branding"
2. You can modify an existing Branding, Copy an existing Branding to make a new one, or create a new Branding configuration
3. You will see the section in the Branding Details for Call To Action
4. For the Clip Call to Action select the Action you would like associated to the video clip
  • Download App - Directs the viewer to iTunes or Google Play stores to download the app you have specified
  • Watch Now - Redirects user to view the video clip or a live stream embedded on another web site
  • Visit Site - Redirects viewers to a web page you specify such as a home page or a page for viewers to purchase a product

5. Pre-Roll Calls to Action work the same as Clip Calls to Action but can be configured for their actions. For Example a Pre-Roll Call To Action may be set to redirect viewers to a sponsor's web site. While the Clip Call to Action redirects a viewer to your web page with a live stream playing.


Using customizable Calls to Action are easy and effective methods to redirect viewers to alternate locations on the web to meet specific needs.



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