What should I do if a video clip isn't generated after publishing?

When clips are created in the SnappyTV platform each clip generates a new media file in the system. The media file can then be exported to a 3rd party CMS or downloaded to your local computer. Click the Export button to open the export interface. In the event one of the clips did not generate a new media file the system will indicate this by displaying the duration of the clip, in the thumbnail preview, in red. When you click the Export button an error message will also be displayed. Please follow these steps to regenerate the media clips.



1. In the LiveCut Editor Media Gallery click the "Edit" button for the clip with the error



2. Adjust either the start and/or end point of the clip (you can adjust by just a few frames)



3. Once changes have been made click the Save Changes button.

This will initiate the system to generate a new media clip and replace the previous clip. You should now be able to Export and/or Download your media file. In the event the issue still persists please contact us via the Help button at the top-right corner of the tool when logged-in.


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