How do I link SnappyTV to Facebook and share to my Pages?

Your Facebook account can be connected to 'Pages' if you have been given permission from an Admin of that "Page". Once you have access to a Page in your Facebook account, you can share directly to these Pages from the SnappyTV Share interface

Connecting SnappyTV to Facebook

Go to the My Settings / Social Settings tab

Or from a Snap created click the Share button and connect from there

To link SnappyTV to your Facebook account we recommend logging in to your Facebook account first. Next in SnappyTV click the Connect with Facebook link in your Account Settings page.

Facebook will ask you to authorize the SnappyTV App in your account, click OK to allow.


Facebook will ask you to allow SnappyTV to post to your account and to post to your Pages, click allow for both messages.

You should now be able to create a Snap, or go to an existing video in the Video tabs page and click the Share Button to share to Facebook.

The interface will allow you to select which Page to share to.

If You Do Not See Sharing to Pages 

You may need to modify the settings for the SnappyTV App in Facebook. To do this go to Settings in Facebook, and click the Apps link

Hover your mouse over the SnappyTV App and select the Edit icon (looks like a pencil)

In the App Settings you will need to make sure the permission for the App to use Pages is enabled. For the settings for “Post” and for “Manage your Pages” should both have a Blue Check mark


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