What are 'Events' and how do I create/view them?

An 'Event' is an instruction to tell SnappyTV to start and stop recording one of your Channels (video streams) at specified times. This will allow you to cut and share/export media clips and images from the content on the stream during this period in time using our LiveCut tool.

To schedule an event in your SnappyTV LiveHub portal first log into your SnappyTV account and navigate to the "Schedule" tab. Next click the button for "Schedule Event".



From any page in LiveHub click the "Create" button to quickly access the Schedule Event form


1a. Enter a Title for the Event.

1b. A description is optional and not required. 

1c. Select which Channel in your account the video will be recorded from. You do not need to select an External ID.

1d. Select a "Show". If the event is similar to another event you have created a Show for you can select that Show. 


2a. Make sure you set the event time based on your correct Time Zone 

2b. Set the start and end time for your event (Schedule an event with at least 20 minutes prior to the event start time). Events can be scheduled hours, days, even weeks or months in advance.

2c. Check the "Repeats" box to set the event to repeat on a regular basis (such as every day at the same time, on specific days, or for a set number of occurrences


3a. Channels have specific "Publish Settings" already preset to apply to any event that occurs on the channel. To "Override" those Publish Settings you can select a different Publish Setting for this specific event. Check the Override Default check box then select the desired publish setting from the drop down list.

3b. Select a Branding Override if you want all clips from the event to be branded differently to the Publish Setting (later you will have the option to set Branding on individual clips)

Click the "Add Event" button to save your changes and add the schedule in to your account. At the time of the event you can access the LiveCut Editor from the Home page or Schedule page of your SnappyTV LiveHub portal.


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