What are 'Publish Settings' and how do I use them?

Publish Settings allow you to define settings profiles for any content you create. For example restricting content by geographical location.

Publish Settings can be applied at the Channel, Show or Event level. Publish Settings can also be set to override a higher levels settings (for example settings applied to a specific Event can be set to override the Publish Settings at the Show level).

Publish Settings can also set the Branding settings so that when the Publish Settings are applied to a Show, for example, all Events that are associated to the Show will all have the same Publish Settings and Branding Settings. By setting Publish Settings at one level eliminates the redundant work of setting Publish and Branding settings for similar Events.


Publish Settings – Displays name of setting and Branding configured with the Publish Setting

Add Publish Settings – Click the button to create a new set of Publish settings.

View Details – Click the link to view the details of the selected Publish Settings


Publish Settings - Basic setting for the Publish Setting

  • Configuration Name - provide a unique name for the configuration
  • Branding Configuration - Select a Branding from the drop down menu. Branding will be applied to all clips created in an event where the Publish Setting is selected either at the Channel, Show or Event level.


Clip Creation Settings- Controls who can create clips, if viewers can create clips, and clip length settings

  • Clip Visibility - Set to PRIVATE if you do not want the general public to be able to view your clips. Set to Public if you want the clips to be viewable to anyone when posted in social media
  • Default Clip Length - length of a clip when first created in LiveCut Editor by clicking just an IN or an OUT point


Playback Settings

  • Time Before Clip Expiration - set a default length of time which clips will be playable. Once the limit is reach the clip will not play back 
  • Allow Playback in Embedded Tweets - If enabled videos will play back in embedded Tweets. If disabled, then user is redirected to the playback page to watch the video

  • Geographical Restrictions (Video playback in Tweet only) - Use the drop down to determine the method to restrict where video will not be visible. Use the text box to enter the restricted areas
  • We use the two character codes as per - e.g US (United States), GB (United Kingdom), etc.



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