What are the basic components of SnappyTV?

Welcome to the SnappyTV, Editing in the Cloud, web based video editing platform. There are two main components to the SnappyTV platform, LiveHub Portal and LiveCut Editor.

You can also download the Getting Started Guide

       LIVE HUB PORTAL                          LIVECUT EDITOR

LiveHub Portal
LiveHub can be considered as the "administrative" interface for your SnappyTV Account. From Livehub you can perform several key functions such as:

- Schedule Events
- Configure publish setting
- Create "branding" configurations
- Access the LiveCut Editor
- Manage your Channels for video ingest
- Access previous Clips and Images created
- Add Users
- Run Reports

There is additional functionality with in the LiveHub portal, however, this article is just a broad overview of the portal.

LiveCut Editor
LiveCut Editor is the web based interface that allows you to access your video content and make snaps from your video. Snaps can then be immediately shared to social media, or exported to other Content Management Systems.
Key features to LiveCut Editor include:

- Mark in and Out point of video clips
- Edit / modify start and out points of a clip
- Modify the clip's thumbnail image
- Associate a specific branding for a clip
- Tweeted clips can be embed using Twitter Player on external websites
- Share clips to social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook
- Merge multiple clips into a single "Mix" snap that can be shared
- Make editorial decisions based on activity in Twitter that is shown in the LiveCut Editor interface

There are additional features in the LiveCut Editor, however this article is just a broad overview of the platform.


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