What is 'Branding' and how do I set it up?

'Branding' allows you to adapt the look and feel of your posts. You can set up as many different 'Branding' configurations as you want. For example you may just use company branding throughout, or you may apply different styles to individual Channels or Events.

Step 1:
To begin creating a Branding configuration first go to the "Branding" Tab in the LiveHub Portal.

Step 2:
Click the "Add Branding" Button to open a new configuration form
- Add a Branding Name and scroll down to the Twitter Settings section of the form

Step 3:
 - Twitter Tagline Text: Predefine text that will be added to the Twitter Card Description (not the tweet text) below the video player

- Twitter Site User: Add a Twitter handle (without the @) and the icon for your handle will be used in your tweets and displayed above the video player. This will also link your account to track video views and other metrics to your analytics

Step 4:
Set up a Call to Action on your video. A call to action is a clickable text in the upper right corner of the video playback. You can use this clickable link to drive viewers to a web site. 

- From the Drop Down Menu select the Call to Action Type

  • Download App - On mobile devices will redirect viewers to the app store for their device to download your app
  • Watch Now - redirects viewers to a Web Site where you have a live stream playing
  • Visit Site - redirects viewers to any Web Site you configured


Step 5:
Add an Intro and/or End slate to your video

- Select the asset from existing video slates you have uploaded

- or Upload a new video slate


Step 6:
Set up a Notification Group. This allows a group of email recipients to receive an email when you tweet out this video

- In the Notification tab set up your group of emails

- In the drop down menu select the Notification group


Save your configuration and it can now be set to be used with Publish Settings and individual clips.

How to delete a Branding configuration

Navigate to the "Branding" Tab in the LiveHub Portal and then click the Remove button on the selected branding configuration. This will delete the branding setting from your account.



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