Basic guide to LiveCut editor

1. Log in to SnappyTV

Log in to your SnappyTV account by going to and click the Sign In button to log in. On the following page enter your log in credentials and sign in.


 2. Starting the LiveCut Editor Session

You can access your Events by clicking the link in the Schedule at a Glance area of the Home page or click the Schedule tab on the left side of the navigation bar and click the LiveCut Editor link for the Event or for previous Events that have been recorded and archived.


Click LiveCut Editor link in the Schedule at a Glance area of Home page



 Link to LiveCut from an Event on the Schedule page


 3. LiveCut Interface


       1.    Video Player and Controls –Displays the video feed for your current Event, controls the playback within the video stream and other editing actions

       2.    Clip Controls – Controls the marking of video clips and details

       3.    Gallery Tabs – change the information displayed in the gallery area

       4.    Media Gallery Display – Displays thumbnails of clips and images, or information based on tab selected





To create a clip of a highlight that just happened click the SET OUT button at the end of the highlight. The in point will automatically be set to be 30 seconds back (or Publish Setting default) .


Review the video for a moment that just happened by sliding the current point indicator back in time. Review the video to determine if you want to make the clip. Move the current point indicator to the start of the clip and click the SET IN button. This will automatically set the out point to make the clip 30 seconds long.




 5. Trimming Clips


To trim either the in or out point click the “1s” arrow button to either move the point back 1 second or forward one second. Click the “1f” arrow buttons to alter the in or out one video frame at a time. The video thumbnails will update to the new in or out point.

Trim the clip to a specific time by clicking on the Set In or Set Out times.

You can also type in the new time and press enter to update manually. For example click in the Out Time and type in the new time to be 20:07:24 to make the out point 4 seconds longer.


Use the Clip indicator bar’s yellow markers to drag the in or out point to make the clip shorter or longer.



6. Publish the Clip

Once the clip has been created and trimmed, type in a descriptive title for the clip.


Click the PUBLISH button to save the clip to your Media Gallery, this DOES NOT publish the clip to any Social Media accounts, like Twitter, You Tube etc.



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