How can I use 'Groups' to control user access permissions?

Delegated Editing

Delegated Editing is the ability for SnappyTV Enterprise customers to assign specific rights and access to a user or group of users. This allows an account administrator to control the access of other users to features within the SnappyTV platform. Below you will find a description of the rights and permissions which can be assigned and the step by step directions to create and manage your Groups.


Create a Group

-       Click on the Groups tab in LiveHub

-       Click the Add Group Button

-       In the next screen you will be prompted to name the Group and define settings


1) Enter a Name for your Group
2) Select a Playback Setting (See article on Playback Settings)

  • Playback Settings are assigned to a Group
  • Playback settings are used to control where the clip can be viewed
  • Playback Settings can set the web redirect for the clip’s short URL

3) Select Members for the Group
4) Select the Rights




Allow event level access to LiveCut

LiveCut - Download

Can download media

LiveCut - Everyone Access

Can view all media generated for event

LiveCut - Export

Can export media

LiveCut - Image

Can create unlimited image and animated image snaps

LiveCut - Team Access

Team media is visible

LiveCut - Unlimited Playback Selection

Not required to select a Playback Setting for content

LiveCut - Video

Can create unlimited video clips


All access to LiveHub

LiveHub - Branding

Can manage Branding Configurations

LiveHub - Channels

Can manage Channels

LiveHub - Clips

Access to Clips Tab

LiveHub - Event

Can manage schedule data

LiveHub - Event Details

Can access event details page from livehub

LiveHub - Groups

Can manage User Groups

LiveHub - Images

Access to Images Tab

LiveHub - Notifications

Can manage Notifications

LiveHub - Pages

Can manage Pages

LiveHub - Payment

Can manage Payment Settings

LiveHub - People

Can manage Users

LiveHub - Playback Settings

Can manage Playback Settings

LiveHub - Publish Settings

Can manage Publish Settings

LiveHub - Reports

Can view LiveHub Reports

LiveHub - Schedule

Can view all schedule data

LiveHub - Shows

Can manage Shows

LiveHub - Social

Can manage Social Volume keyword groups

LiveHub - System Settings

Can set Partner Level Settings

LiveHub - Tags

Can manage Tags

LiveHub - Widgets

Can manage Widgets

 Scroll down the page to view the settings and rights for Content and Content Rules

-       Content controls access to specific Channels, Shows or events

-       Limit access if you do not want a user accessing certain content


-       Add a selected Channel to the Group to limit access to a specific channel. Users in the Group will only have access to the selected channels. If no channels are selected Users cannot access any Channels

-       Add a specific Show or Shows to allow users access to those shows. If no shows are selected then by default the user will have access to all Shows based on the selected channels

-       Select specific events to allow Users access to an event to edit clips. If no Events are selected then user has access to all events based on Shows and Channels selected for access.

-       Content Rules only apply to Customers using a CMS Profile. A CMS Profile allows custom mapping of designated Metadata fields from ingested content. When ingested content metadata matches the custom fields designated to a CMS Profile, then the users in the group have access to the content

  • Create a CMS Profile (see article on CMS Profiles)
  • Select the mapped Metadata field and value then add to Existing Rules

-       Click Submit to save all changes and settings for the User Group


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