How can I export to thePlatform?

Connect SnappyTV to thePlatform

Start by linking your SnappyTV user to your existing account on thePlatform. To make this connection, you'll need to gather the following information:

  • thePlatform Account
  • thePlatform Server ID
  • thePlatform User Name
  • thePlatform Password

After logging in to the SnappyTV LiveHub, head to the CMS connect page to link the accounts. 

  • Scroll down the page to locate thePlatform, input your information into the fields, and hit the Connect thePlatform button. 
  • You should see a message that your "thePlatform account information has been saved" in the upper-right corner of the screen. 


Connect SnappyTV to Social Accounts

To share content using thePlatform player directly to Twitter or Facebook from SnappyTV, you'll also need to link those accounts to your user. Go to the Social connect page in the SnappyTV LiveHub and follow the authorization flow for each channel. 


Make Clips to Export and Share

 Create a Clip Using the LiveCut Editor

With SnappyTV linked to your account with thePlatform, you'll be able to edit and export content in real-time using the LiveCut Editor. Here's how. 

  • Inside the LiveHub, navigate to the Schedule by clicking the tab along the left-side of the page. 
  • Locate the LiveCut Editor link for the Event you'd like to edit, and click to launch the tool. 
  • Inside the LiveCut Editor, use the Set In/Set Out Buttons and Editing Interface to create your clips.
  • Drag the yellow handles to change the start and end time on your clip, or use the buttons below to adjust by individual seconds or frames. Preview the in and out points by clicking the thumbnail images. 
  • Add a caption to your clip and hit the Publish button to create your media. The clip should appear in the Media pane on the right-side of the tool. 


Export to thePlatform

Published clips are now available for export to thePlatform.

  • On the Media pane, locate the clip you'd like to send to thePlatform. Click the Export button and fill in the details for your content. When ready, hit the Export to thePlatform button to send the media. 
  • SnappyTV will display a "greyed out" indicator logo for thePlatform next to your clip. 
  • When the asset is ready, thePlatform logo fills with color and allows you to click to watch a preview.


Share thePlatform Player to Social

Once your asset is available in thePlatform, SnappyTV allows you to share it directly from the LiveCut Editor to your linked social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. 

  • On the Media pane, click the Share button for your clip. In the drop-down, select the tab labeled thePlatform
  • Select the Twitter handle or Facebook page you'd like to share to, update the Tweet or Post text, and hit the Share button for each destination. There will be similar logo indicator flow for both Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Click the icon to view your Tweet or Post. 


Support Contact

If you have any questions about this workflow or experience issues, please don't hesitate to file a ticket with out support team via the Help button at the top-right corner of the tool when you're logged-in.


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