How do I link SnappyTV to Twitter and other Social Media and Content Management Systems?


Connect to Social and CMS

Start by linking your SnappyTV user account to the Facebook and Twitter accounts you’d like to publish content to.Twitter uses a single “@” handle, so you’ll want to utilize the one that will act as your sharing destination.

Facebook uses personal accounts, but SnappyTV will recognize pages that you have admin rights to and allow sharing to those inside the LiveCut Editor. 

Log in to SnappyTV and click the LiveHub link at the top of the page to enter the admin area. Click the "My Settings" link on the right side of the page will take you to the same section. The Quick Links at the top of the home page also link to this section.


This will open the "Getting Started" wizards for the SnappyTV platform and, specifically, a page with options to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Click the Connect button for each platform and follow the directions to link with your SnappyTV user. During the setup process you will be redirected to the Twitter or Facebook site, to approve the outside application accessing your account.


After you’ve finished linking to Twitter, click the Content Management Systems tab. This page will provide options to connect your SnappyTV user to a YouTube account, as well as CMS systems. Enter the information needed for these and click the Connect button for each platform.


Disconnect Social and CMS accounts

If you've linked social or CMS accounts, simply click the Disconnect link adjacent to the selected platform.





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