How do I remove sections of video from LiveCut?

There is a way to cut out sections of your video (e.g commercial). Follow these steps in LiveCut Editor

  1.  Create a clip for the segment of video before the commercial 
  2.  Create a clip for the segment after the commercial 
  3.  Next to the "Media" tab (where the clips thumbnails are) click the 'Mixes' tab, then click Create New Mix 
  4.  Drag and drop the two clips (in order) on to the timeline and Publish to save the two clips as one clip 
  5.  To replace the VOD of the live stream with your new Mixed version of video you will want to replace the iframe embed code you used for the live event with the embed code for the Mix on your web page
  6.  For the new mix click the Share button, there should be an option for "Embed", click this to view the iFrame Embed code. 
  7.  You can modify the embed code frame size within the iframe code 
  8.  Copy the Mix's iframe embed code and paste into your web page







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