How do I create animated GIF's within LiveCut editor?

Using SnappyTV you can create animated GIFs that can be shared via Social Media, distributed using other distribution methods or downloaded for other uses.


As of November 12, 2015, we're excited to announce that all GIFs created via SnappyTV will be shown as ScratchReels on Twitter mobile and desktop. GIFs will play back regularly, but if a user hovers over the image, they will be able to use their finger or cursor to scrub the video back and forth.


Below are the steps to create a GIF in LiveCut and then share it with your viewers - 

- Log in to Live Cut Editor for one of your events (either live or archived) 

- At a moment in the video, you want to create a GIF click the GIF icon


- Adjust the In and Out points of the GIF (the GIF can only be 4 seconds of video) using the clipping tools

Clipping_Tool.png    or    Clipping_Tool_preview.png

- Click the Continue Button to open the GIF Animator Editor






Animation Controls


- Select the Circle with Right pointing arrow to make the GIF play forward and loop playback from the beginning of the clip

- Select the Circle with Left pointing arrow to make the GIF play backwards and loop playback from the end of the clip

- Select the Arrows in a Circle to make the GIF play from beginning to end, then play backwards from end to beginning in a loop 

- Adjust the Faster / Slower slider to make the playback speed faster or slower. Playback speed is also affected by the More / Less Frames setting

- Adjust the More / Less Frames sliders to control playback quality.

  • More Frames makes playback more smooth, ideal for Slow motion effect when combined with a slower playback speed
  • Less Frames makes the playback jittery, ideal with Faster playback speed for an "entertainment' effect


Editing Controls


- Use the Editor Controls to adjust the GIF In and Out Points

- Click the 1s or 1f arrows to nudge the point + or - one frame or one second at a time

- Use the Animation Controls to control Playback Direction, Speed and Quality

Once the GIF Animation is set you can add / edit the Title and Description for the GIF. Then click the Publish button. The GIF is now added to your Media Gallery and can be Shared

Sharing GIFs

- Once a GIF is in your Media Gallery Click the Share button to open Sharing options

- Share GIFs to social media accounts in the same way video clips and still images are shared

- Note GIF images in the Media Gallery are denoted with the multiple frame icon in the lower right of the thumbnail image


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