SnappyTV Migration FAQs

Over the next several months, we will migrate core SnappyTV features and functionality to Twitter Media Studio ( This migration will be rolled out in several stages. Once you are on-boarded onto the new Media Studio platform, you will be afforded a buffer period where you will have access to both clipping in Media Studio SnappyTV, prior to your SnappyTV account being deprecated.


Migration & Timeline

Q: When will my account be migrated to Media Studio, and when will I no longer have access to my SnappyTV account?
A: We will be migrating partners to Media Studio when functionality is ready in the Spring/Summer of 2018. You will have access to your account during through buffer period afforded to each partner.

Q: How do I retrieve my archived media from SnappyTV?
A: You can export and download individual clips, images, gifs and mixes from the Media tab in SnappyTV. See the SnappyTV Knowledge Base for more information. You will also have access to mass-download your account’s SnappyTV content via MRSS.

Q: How do I get Media Studio access for my SnappyTV users?
A: You can manually add users using their Twitter @handle and assign a specific level of access to each.

Q: What is the pricing for access to clipping within Media Studio?
A: It is free for all publishers. In order to use the tool, you will need to request access by contacting your Partner Manager at Twitter.



Q: Will Media Studio offer all the same features as SnappyTV?
A: We are striving for feature parity as much as possible and will be adding more features over time.

Q: Will Media Studio allow me to share clips to other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, like SnappyTV does?
A: Yes, publishers will be able to share to third-party platforms like Facebook and Youtube. We are also working with our online video platform partners to integrate with their platforms as well.

Q: What types of media will I be able to create with Clip Live on Media Studio? 
A: Video, images and GIFs.

Q: I can manage two official Twitter accounts from one SnappyTV account. Will that be supported in Media Studio? 
A: Yes, individual @handles may be granted access to multiple accounts. Depending on the permissions granted, you will be able to tweet and manage media from those accounts.

Q: Do you plan to support captions?
A: Closed captions (CC) embedded in video files (VOD) are currently supported in Media Studio. We plan to support subtitles (SRT file uploads) and closed captions in live video in the future.

Q: Will Media Studio allow geoblocking like in SnappyTV?
A: We plan to add support for geoblocking and content expiration in future releases of Media Studio.

Q: Will we see branding profiles in Media Studio?
A: No, but you can opt each video into In-Stream Video Ads (formerly known as Amplify Open) and In-Stream Video Sponsorships (formerly known as Amplify Custom/Sponsorships) when media is tweeted.

Q: What is the maximum length of a broadcast in Media Studio? (Currently the max in SnappyTV is 8 hours.) 
A: The maximum length of a broadcast in Media Studio is 24 hours.



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